Friday, 16 September 2016

Maini Devi : Reborn to create her own world!

Good news about Maini Devi, One of the Participating members of “Udbhav".
Mark on her stomach
Maini Devi had treatment by an Ojha (the exorcist) on Blind Faith of the villagers and also because of unavailability of Medical facility in the area. Once Ojha applied red burning knife on her stomach to get rid of evil spirits, curses. It left only marks forever but couldn’t solve her problem (see photos).

When ‘Udbhav’ got support from friends, we started her treatment at RIMS Hospital, Ranchi. A tumor kind of muscle has been removed successfully by the team of proficient doctors.
A month ago, On facebook, I have posted a video of Maini Devi, working on a Mural Painting and asked for support for her medical treatment. I am lucky to having many supportive friends on facebook as well as in non-virtual world. And ‘Udbhav’ received supports from three cities- Delhi, Varanasi and Ranchi, for Maini Devi’s treatment. (Names have not been mentioned as per the requests)
I wish Maini Devi for quick recovery as I am ready for my next visit to Chandidih, Jharkhand where I will be working with her on the new wall.
Maini Devi painting a Mural in 'Udbhav'

Friday, 9 September 2016

Finding Life -The Story of Dharmnath

I went to Chandidih and connected all participant once again for mural work. As expected, every participants worked with the same spirit, they had shown during the execution of first Mural.
The weather was not appropriate and all of us found many problems in doing this mural. However rain couldn't hamper the dedication of learning and creation. On the last day, all of us had three new murals on three different walls.
Surface coating by the wall owner and participants (File Photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach_Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand.)

Drawing is the first step (File Photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach_Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand).
Maini Devi Drawing Tree (File Photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach_Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand.)
I am Guiding Dharmnath and others in Mural works (File Photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach_Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand.)
Young Participants working on Dharmnath story (File Photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach_Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand.)

We painted mural on Dharmnath wall titled, 'Finding Life -The story of Dharmnath'. This painting talks about different aspects of life that is surviving without medical facilities in the area. In one part of the painting Dharmnath is flying with 'Sanjeevni Buti' (Life giving herbs, as Hanuman brought for Laxman in Ramayana epic) for his perennially sick mother.
Dharmnath bringing  Sanjeevni Buti(Life giving herbs) for his Mother.

In other part of the composition, people are collecting herbs from tree and Vaidh (local doctor) suggesting plants and giving treatment to his patients. 
Vaidh (local Doctor) giving medicine to the patient.
(File photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand)

(File photo: Avinash Karn_Artreach Udbhav Project_2016_Jharkhand)

I observed the life of these local people very closely and translated them into visuals. First, I described subject with participants and then left all of them free to compose their own thoughts. Many times I help participants in drawings and sometime figure making. Freedom gives better result as the participants enjoy expressing their own story and thoughts. When they make mistakes, they themselves realize and correct it in their own way.

All right reserved with Avinash Karn.