Sunday, 25 December 2016

Our 1st Painting Workshop at Chandidih

Artreach India and members of 'Udbhav' has decided to start painting workshop. So that, at the end of the Project, we could have wonderful paintings by tribal artists for an exhibition purpose.
Today on Dec.25th, 2016, we have started five days' long full-time Madhubani painting workshop with 12 regular members.
In this workshop, I (Avinash Karn ) personally want to push members to work over their thought process and finally passed whole day discussing how they can transform their inner world into visuals.
I was surprised with the result. Artists including young Nikita and others can imagine at such extent which was really difficult to transform into drawings.  But after many attempts, they drew compositions at satisfactory level.
Nikita want to see the point where earth and sky meet and finally she used Qutub Minar (as she believe, it is tallest tower in the country) to see the horizon.
This journey is quite interesting and I believe, the rest of these four days will be more challenging for me as well.

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